Reviews Policy

The Femedic accepts products for review beneath the umbrella of sponsored content. Reviews are priced according to the resource required from The Femedic to produce them: they are written by us and are likely to include images or other rich media (i.e. video, audio). We will always provide fair and honest reviews.

We will accept your product for a review if we believe that it will be of genuine interest and use to our readers.

We do not accept reviews for products that:

  • Promote unrealistic and unhealthy body image
  • Promote unhealthy behaviour
  • Wrongly pathologise aspects of women’s experiences

All our reviews are original content and written truthfully by a member of our team. There are other ways to partner with The Femedic if you are looking to promote your product, brand, or service.

Interested in partnering with The Femedic? Get in touch with our Founder, Monica: