Mission Statement

We are the Femedic.

Our mission is to create and share knowledge that will reduce health inequalities experienced by women.

We are a media and insights platform that analyses how the current digital conversation about women’s health needs to change in order to address the holistic picture of women’s needs.

Using insights from our unique research methodology, we are starting a new, women-centric conversation about health; creating and sharing knowledge that will identify industry-wide knowledge gaps and misperceptions, distribute essential and otherwise hard-to-find information, challenge sexism surrounding women’s health, and broaden perceptions of what ‘health’ includes.

We are the world’s first platform to investigate women’s health through the lens of her complete experience: we value social, cultural, political, emotional, and environmental factors alongside the physical as intersecting and equally as impactful on a woman’s health outcomes.

Our values are:

Be earnest

Investigate nothing less than the full picture

Be curious

Move past what you know to find new answers

Be honest

Represent the truth of women's needs and experiences

Be empathetic

Investigate with respect and compassion

Be here for all women

Women's health needs are at the core of everything we do

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