Mission Statement

Our mission is to put women at the centre of the conversation about their health.


We are an education, media, and research platform who are creating a new conversation about women's health that truly meets the holistic picture of their needs. We value all factors that make up the breadth of a woman's experiences as intersecting and equally as impactful on her health outcomes. 

Our values 

Be earnest 

Investigate nothing less than the full picture 


Be curious 

Move past what you know

Be honest 

Represent the truth of women's needs and experiences 


Be empathetic 

Investigate with respect and compassion 

Be here for all women 

Women's health needs are at the core of everything that we do 

Our promise

The Femedic is not:

  • Going to reduce women’s experiences into physical outcomes

  • A place for condescending, generic lifestyle advice

  • Vague or ambiguous: we investigate specific problems and provide focused, in-depth, and specific insight

  • A directory of medical fact sheets that answer women’s questions in bullet points

  • A substitute for medical advice from a doctor or another healthcare professional

  • Here to prescribe a ‘one size fits all’ solution: we know that everyone is different

The Femedic will:

  • Investigate the breadth of women’s health needs and address them in the complexity required

  • Report truthfully and diligently on issues affecting women: the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Provide quantifiable insight as to how women’s needs are going unmet

  • Distribute essential and otherwise hard-to-find information

  • Challenge damaging and reductive gender stereotypes, sexism, and other discrimination structures that impact women

  • Treat 'health' holistically, beyond just the physical 

In our images you won't see:

  • Stereotypical, tired representations of womanhood

  • Women posing unnaturally or being stylised in a way that enforces damaging beauty and body image standards — unless it is necessary to depict a particular aspect of culture or politics we’re discussing

  • Images that promote one particular body type as ‘better’ than another

  • Images of ‘perfection’

We will strive to represent:

  • The diversity of women’s bodies

  • The diversity of women’s experiences

  • True images of women fully existing in the world, for themselves, not for others: eating, using sanitary items, feeling unwell, yawning

  • The visual truth of women’s bodies, just as we report on the truth of their experiences

Meet our doctors 



Our medical content is written by qualified medical professionals, including GPs, gynaecologists, and more. 

The Femedic's doctors

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