After years of successfully running healthcare projects for clients, The Femedic’s Founder Monica Karpinski noticed a clear discrepancy between what women were trying to find out online and the calibre of information they were being met with. Between dry, impersonal medical fact-sheets and scurrilous gossip columns, their questions weren’t being answered properly. Their needs were continuously going unmet, despite the fact that women search for medical information online more frequently than men.

The problem is many-fold — information on health conditions specific to women is scarce in supply and when it is, is vague and inaccessible; women report being made to feel dismissed and ashamed by GPs when seeking help; and a culture of shame and silence can prevent them from seeking help at all. What’s being done about this?

Not a whole lot. Which is why we’ve created The Femedic — the first site to couple medical information with lifestyle content, because health is as much an emotional, environmental, and social conversation as much as it is a physical one.

The Femedic is not an alternative to medical advice from your own GP, or visiting a clinic or hospital. It offers friendly advice, information, and education about women’s health and health-related issues.

Work with us

The Femedic is a women’s health resource that seeks to empower women by educating them. We believe that this helps to boost confidence and create a sense of control over what someone might be experiencing.

We are interested in working with brands, organisations, and publications who share our ethos in helping women. These parties don’t necessarily have to operate in the healthcare space: if you’re dedicated to helping women in some way, we’re keen to hear from you.

Some partnership opportunities include:

  • Sponsored content
  • Running competitions
  • Advertising
  • Collaborative campaigns

For all press and brand enquiries contact monica@thefemedic.com

If you’d like to work with us, contact monica@thefemedic.com or download our media pack from this page