The Femedic is a health media and insights platform focused on women and people with vaginas.

Most people turn to the internet for information about their health, but the content answering their questions consistently falls short.

There are over 10 million online searches per month for information on the core topics that The Femedic covers, yet it is not consistently inclusive, accurate, trustworthy, or genuinely useful.

The Femedic was created to fill the gaps in these experiences: providing high-quality content that answers questions in the depth deserved.  

The Femedic is not an alternative to advice or information from a health professional, including visiting your own GP, or a clinic or hospital. It offers education, supportive advice, and information on women’s health and health-related issues aimed at women within the general public, that seeks to complement qualified and professional advice or information.

What we do

  • We produce health media that is inclusive, trustworthy, accurate, and genuinely useful

  • We research and produce insights on the state of digital health content, applying a unique blend of marketing and editorial analyses to uncover "gaps" in digital coverage

  • We work with health, women, and socially-focused brands and organisations on research briefs, and digital and consultancy projects

Our story

Monica Karpinski

Monica Karpinski

The Femedic Founder & Editor

Through years of running digital content projects for healthcare clients, The Femedic’s Founder Monica Karpinski noticed that when it came to women, there was a distinct and sizeable lack of reliable and genuinely useful information available online.

This was consistently true despite the specific condition or group of women being targeted.

Between dry, impersonal medical fact-sheets and scurrilous gossip columns, women’s questions weren’t being answered properly. There was no bridge between the information on the page and the true context of the readers' lives; no-one who acknowledged that "health" means different things to different people and includes different factors depending on their circumstances. Health is more than a physical experience, it's affected by everything that constitutes your complete experience of the world around you. 

Monica developed a research methodology to better investigate how, exactly, this content was falling short. Then, she came up with the idea of using these insights to inform an educational media platform: The Femedic.

She ran The Femedic as a media platform alongside her job for two years, before pursuing it as a business in 2019. 

Work with us

We are content specialists who understand the power of good media and the importance of good information.

The Femedic's digital insights can help you understand your audience's needs and how you can enter digital health spaces in ways that add value. We can create holistic, smart content strategy and produce compelling and thorough content.

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