What we do

The Femedic is a media and insights platform creating a new, women-centric conversation about health. 

We use a unique methodology to analyse how women are searching for information about their health online and how the current digital landscape needs to change to address the holistic picture of their needs.

We use insights from this process to create and share knowledge that works towards reducing health inequalities experienced by women. As well as producing media, research, and insights, we run discussion and experience events. 

The Femedic is not an alternative to medical advice from your own GP, or visiting a clinic or hospital. It offers supportive advice, information, and education about women’s health and health-related issues.

Our story

Through years of running digital content projects for healthcare clients, The Femedic’s Founder Monica Karpinski noticed that when it came to women, there was a distinct and sizeable lack of reliable and genuinely useful information available online. This was consistently true despite the specific condition or group of women being targeted.

Between dry, impersonal medical fact-sheets and scurrilous gossip columns, women’s questions weren’t being answered properly. Their needs were continuously going unmet, despite the fact that women search for medical information online more frequently than men.

There was no bridge between the information on the page and the true context of women’s lives; no-one who acknowledged that ‘health’ means different things to different women and includes different factors depending on their circumstances.

The problem is many-fold — information on health conditions specific to women is often vague and clinical; women report being made to feel dismissed and ashamed by GPs when seeking help; and a culture of shame and silence can prevent them from seeking help at all.

And through all of this, women’s experiences are not being placed at the centre of the conversation about their care.

Monica created The Femedic to start a new, truly women-centric conversation about health.

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