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The Femedic is a media and insights platform creating a new, women-centric conversation about health.

We uncover the types of human meaning attached to products, services, and topics, to identify how the current digital landscape needs to change to meet the holistic picture of women's health needs. We are the world's first platform to value social, cultural, political, emotional, and environmental factors alongside the physical as intersecting and equally as impactful on a woman's health outcomes. 

Our insights work to close the gap between how you want to contribute to the conversation and how you are currently positioned within it.


Our unique research methodology — experience analysis — decodes implicit and explicit meaning in the language and imagery brands are using to speak to your audience. We investigate the types of meaning attached to your product, service, or topic:

  • What emotional context does your product sit within?
  • What is the cultural significance of your product?
  • How does the conversation around your product communicate ‘health’?
  • How is this conversation failing to address women’s needs?

We will complete a bespoke investigation depending on your business goals, that will outline how you can create communications that truly hear, understand, and connect with your audience.

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The Femedic offers bespoke consultancy for brands who share our ethos in supporting women. We are content and digital strategy specialists, particularly where it comes to boosting search visibility: we’ve got to where we are largely through the strength of our content strategy. 

  • Complete website content strategy, including titles and guidance on what pieces should cover
  • Cross-channel strategy and campaign plans
  • Creative campaign strategy
  • Access to The Femedic as a promotional platform
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Reach our wide, engaged, and growing audience with relevant content that’s of genuine interest to them.

  • Sponsored content: single posts and columns
  • Social-first content
  • Retargeting and user journey mapping
  • Brand partner events
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