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The Femedic reviews: the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow

The Femedic reviews the Ruby Glow

They say that the best inventions are those that solve a problem. Erotic novelist Tabitha Rayne had a problem — she was getting too aroused from her writing and had to frequently leave her desk to masturbate. This, understandably, was disruptive. Deadlines wait for no orgasm.

So, in collaboration with sex toy manufacturer and designer Rocks-Off, she invented the Ruby Glow, a vibrator for vulvas for use while sitting. With a peak for clitoral stimulation, pubic dip, and a mound for vaginal penetration, the Ruby Glow can sit comfortably beneath you on a chair as you write or watch your sexy stories. I tried it out while listening to audio porn.

The doing

With 10 vibration settings of varying intensity, the Ruby Glow is a non-penetrative sort of saddle for you to sit and grind on. Usually, with sex toys I am completely about the clit — I am all about wands and suction toys — and the sensation is usually so intense that it’s my hand and the toy that do most of the moving while my body writhes helplessly (blissfully) underneath.

The Ruby Glow is hands-free and is designed to be ridden, inviting much more full-body movement. When supplemented with visual or audio erotica, this works really well — you’re an active participant in your fantasy, in charge of how intensely you want to grid and how you want to press up against the different stimulators. The hands-free touch is especially useful if you’re reading erotic fiction, or, say, writing a review of a sex toy.
Ruby Glow packaging and contents
It took me longer than usual to orgasm but the build-up was consistent and intense. I think this was because the Ruby stimulates the entire vulva, so instead of feeling a more targeted and intense sensation around my glans clitoris, which usually makes me cum very quickly, it was spread out to around the top of my inner lips (labia minora) and vaginal opening as well.

The vibrations were at a good level — buzzy rather than rumbling, with enough depth to be substantial. When you create a toy designed to fit over the entire vulva, there is the challenge of accounting for different body shapes and sizes. The toy was a tiny bit too big for me, but I was still able to enjoy the vibrations across different points of the toy while grinding against it.

The peak intended for clitoral stimulation (stimulation of the glans clitoris) was my favourite element of the toy — it’s high enough to allow for good coverage but not so high that you aren’t able to manoeuvre around it to change the position and intensity of pressure. However, every vulva is different, so this may not be true for everyone.

The context: 4D pleasure and inclusion

A number of other reviewers have noted that this toy could be suitable for people with mobility issues, as all you really need to do is sit on it rather than grip or wield a smaller toy. I love that this is a consideration in toy design alongside the creativity in adding a physical element to visual or oral stimulation.

Even though we’re using a sex toy to give us pleasure, it is an adjunct to the arousal and desires that ultimately come from within us

This “4D” pleasure values the arousal process alongside the physical sensation that a toy gives, reminding us that pleasure starts in the brain. I think this is brilliant and personally find it to be an empowering message: even though we’re using a sex toy to give us pleasure, it is an adjunct to the arousal and desires that ultimately come from within us.

The important details

The Ruby Glow is made of body-safe silicone and can be used through clothing. It is an electronic device that is battery powered, so be careful with water and other moisture when washing it. It is splash-proof but not waterproof: the battery terminal is at the bottom of the toy so do not submerge the whole thing in water when cleaning.
Ruby Glow comes with batteries included
The toy is too large to be called discreet, with moderate noise levels. Depending on how thin your walls are, there is a chance someone in the next room may hear the vibrations. Wonderfully, the toy comes with batteries included. It would have been nice if it also came with a storage pouch, however.

The verdict

I love the idea behind the Ruby Glow and the variety it offers in how we can experience pleasure. As pleasure becomes more visible and central in discussions of sexual health, it’s great to see toys tipping their hat to the psychological aspects of arousal alongside the physical sensations they provide.

That said, it is also good and fine to use a specific toy to experience a specific physical sensation, or to switch your mind off rather than invite it to participate in a fantasy.

Listening to audio porn while using a toy was a cinematic, full body-and-mind experience that really brought the fantasy to life. The Ruby Glow is designed for grinding, as you might when on top during penis-in-vagina or strap on-in-vagina sex, so how much you enjoy it will depend in huge part on how much you enjoy that sort of stimulation.

Featured image is a collage of three images of the author’s hand holding the Ruby Glow at three different angles, to give the reader an idea of its shape

Page last updated September 2020

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