Fact vs Fake news? Women’s health quiz

Fact vs Fake News quiz

Last Friday, March 6, The Femedic participated in Women of the World festival 2020 with a stall in the marketplace. Our aim was to raise awareness of how prevalent and harmful missing information and misinformation is when it comes to digital health content.

As well as handing out “fake news”-papers, we created this quiz by fact-checking real reporting online.

You can take the quiz below:

Monica Karpinski

Founder & Editor, The Femedic

Monica is the Founder and Editor of The Femedic. Against a journalism background and after years of leading content marketing projects in the healthcare space, it became clear that health information out there for women simply wasn’t good enough. No-one had bothered to look deeper into the ways women were searching for information, or consider the depth of what they actually needed to know. Instead of waiting for the perfect publication to approach her, she created The Femedic.

Monica has been named one of The Drum’s 50 under 30 for influential women in digital 2018 and was shortlisted for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2018 British Business awards. She speaks and writes widely on gender and health inequality.

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