Monica Karpinski

Monica Karpinski

Founder & Editor, The Femedic

Monica is the Founder and Editor of The Femedic. She is an award-winning content strategist and healthcare journalist, who created The Femedic to meet a simple need: accurate, genuinely useful health content that answered people’s questions properly. Monica has been named one of The Drum’s 50 under 30 for influential women in digital 2018 and was shortlisted for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2018 British Business awards. She speaks and writes widely on healthcare and health inequalities.

Social prescribing

What is social prescribing?

Female reproductive health concept. Woman hand holding uterus sh

Researchers identify genetic cause of endometriosis, paving way for new treatment

New research reveals barriers to smear test uptake among trans men and non-binary people

Doxy Die Cast wand massager - The Femedic Reviews

The Femedic reviews: Doxy Die Cast wand massager

It took two thirds of my life to diagnose me with endometriosis

It took two thirds of my life to diagnose me with endometriosis

overexercising and PCOS

Can overexercising impact PCOS?

Leanne Pero

‘Cancer isn’t a Black person’s disease’: 100 Women of Colour speak out in new survey

Making smear tests trans and non-binary inclusive

We need to make smear tests trans and non-binary inclusive

What is a vulva? Anatomy explained

What is a vulva? Anatomy explained

How close are we to closing the gender pain gap?

What does a vagina look like? Anatomy explained

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Can menstrual cups really shorten your period?

The Femedic reviews: the Rocks-Off Ruby Glow

Caster Semenya decision

The Caster Semenya decision is 18th century sexism, again

We need to hear, not dismiss, women seeking PCOS treatment

The Femedic reviews: Vibease smart vibrator & audio app

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I have vulvodynia, here’s what it’s like using a dilator

Are CBD tampons safe to use?

Anti-racist resources and information for allies

Risk of dying from Covid-19 is higher for BAME people: Government review summarised

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Here are all the ways it’s possible to get thrush after sex

How to access sexual & reproductive healthcare during Covid-19

illustration The Femedic

We asked women what treating vaginismus is like

Fact vs Fake news? Women’s health quiz

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Discrimination in the doctor’s office: how it hurts LBT women’s health

Mirena IUS

Mirena coil (IUS)

The menstrual cycle, explained

People sitting around a table eating burgers and chips

We need to talk about intuitive eating

Hand holding crescendo vibrator

The Femedic reviews: the MysteryVibe Crescendo

Two hands forming a house

To improve social care, move past the ‘old’ vs. ‘young’ binary

Students for global sexual health

Our pledge to redress gender bias in healthcare: Students for Global Sexual Health