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The Femedic is looking for pitches from freelance writers who have specialist knowledge in particular areas of women’s health. We are especially interested in writers with knowledge about how groups particularly at risk — for example, BAME women, trans women, sex workers, and others — are disproportionately affected by health issues.

You’ll already be a brilliant writer with a handful of bylines under your belt, and someone who is keen to raise the voices of women.

We’re after editorial articles, roughly 1000 words in length, that illustrate situations in the UK where women are suffering, not receiving adequate treatment, or are not having their problems taken seriously.

Perhaps there is a specific area of medical research or treatment that is underfunded, perhaps the consequences of a condition affecting women aren’t accurately portrayed by the media, or perhaps there is a community of women disproportionately affected by a certain condition because of lack of funding or lack of awareness. We want you to set the record straight on these issues which are going under the radar of the national media. Ideally, you will already have close links or ties with the women or conditions you write about, perhaps on a personal level.

We pay our writers a competitive flat rate for each article.

Who are we?

The Femedic is an educational woman’s health website dedicated to breaking down taboos. We want to get rid of the culture of shame and silence, which is currently the norm when it comes to women’s health. We couple medical information written by doctors with lifestyle content because we recognise that health is as much as an emotional, environmental, and social conversation as a physical one.

How do I pitch?

If you have insight into a women’s health issue that isn’t being discussed by other media outlets, we want to hear about it.

Send a short pitch to monica@thefemedic.com, which should include:

-A brief summary of what your article will be about
-Why you are the best person to write about it
-How you have access to any interviewees or resources needed
-Why it should be on our website

Please also include a couple of links to other articles you have written in your email.

Unfortunately, as we receive a large amount of messages, we will not be able to respond to everyone. If you haven't heard back from us in two weeks, then assume your pitch has been unsuccessful on this occasion.

Page last updated July 2019