What is PMS and who gets it?

Most women of reproductive age will have first-hand experience of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Who hasn’t been in floods of tears over a video of a baby goat, then realised they’re due the next week? Who doesn’t find their boobs change size or get a bit tender a few days before their period starts? In short, PMS refers to the physical and emotional symptoms that appear one to two weeks prior to your period starting.

Pregnancy symptoms with the Mirena coil: should I worry?

The Mirena coil or IUS is a form of long-acting contraception that is not only very effective at preventing pregnancy, but also with alleviating symptoms related to heavy, painful periods. It is a plastic device coated in a synthetic form of the progesterone hormone, called levonorgestrel. Once inserted into the womb, the hormone from the coil is released slowly over five years.