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Gout isn’t just for men who drink too much — women get it, too

I left the doctor’s surgery with a slight limp and a racing mind. What I thought was muscle…

No-one told me about the link between the pill, gut health, and SIBO

I wasn’t nervous when I first went to get the pill. After all, I was finally taking control…

How BMI is being used to gatekeep fertility treatment

Lynsey was 38 when she and her husband started trying for a baby in 2019. After six months…

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I’ve missed a Cerazette pill, what’s the risk of getting pregnant?

Cerazette is a type of progesterone-only contraceptive pill that, as the name suggests, only contains a synthetic version…

I’m pregnant and bleeding after sex, should I worry?

Bleeding during pregnancy is common, affecting 25% of those in the first trimester.1 This can understandably cause worry…

Can thrush go away on its own?

Vaginal candidiasis – often called thrush or a yeast infection – is caused by an overgrowth of a…

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